Executive Team

Ryan Borg

Founder, CEO

Inspired by a deep-seated passion for technology and design, Ryan founded BORG ITS over a decade ago and has since developed it into an award-winning technology service business. Under his strategic leadership, he has successfully created innovative IT solutions that are designed to support businesses in every industry. As a Microsoft Certified Professional with an A+ certification in computing technology, Ryan and his team pride themselves on creating high-performing technology systems that drive favourable business results.

Elliot Cesta

General Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Elliot is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and setting clear goals for success. With a background in development and technician services, his expertise also spans to operations and business management. Since joining the company in 2014, Elliot successfully completed his Microsoft Professional certification and uses his knowledge to support our clients in finding innovative solutions that directly meet their needs.

IT Services Team

Jackie Yee

Senior Support Specialist

For over 18 years, Jackie has lived in the world of diagnostics and computing services. With a degree in computer engineering and specialization in software programming, he is able to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues with ease and agility for clients in all industries. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, Jackie has a reputation of excellence when it comes to managing operational networks and computer devices for businesses of all sizes.

Russel Tubo

Support Specialist

With 9 years of IT support experience, Russell supports the team with installation and configuration, such as operational system integrations and hardware and software solutions. He improves system performance for clients, while ensuring optimal use of hardware and software solutions within their respective organizations. Over the years, Russell has enhanced his expertise by earning his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and specializing in deploying Microsoft solutions, such as Windows and Office 365.

Robert Wright

Senior Support Specialist

Known for providing exceptional service with a smile, Robert brings over two decades of IT experience to the BORG ITS team. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, Robert specializes in deploying Windows server solutions, with a natural ability to promote efficiency and productivity in any organization. His passion for graphic design and extensive knowledge of web development and software solutions go hand-in-hand when partnering with clients.

Alexander Lam

Support Specialist

Recognized for his award-winning excellence, Alexander boasts 10 years of combined experience in customer service solutions and IT support. Prior to joining BORG ITS, he graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, earning a diploma in Major Network Systems, and successfully led hardware migration projects within various corporations. With extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office, Alexander provides an exceptional level of service and continuously exceeds client expectations.