Large Conference Room TV Connection Instructions 

Option 1: Logging into Boardroom TV PC + Boardroom webcam 

  1. PRESS the INPUT button on your REMOTE, SELECT “HDMI 1” 
  1. On the TV Screen use: 

Username: Biosteel Board Room 

Password: Bbr2021!@ 

  1. Open Google Chrome: Click on the Tab “” to sign into your Office 365 account 

Option 2: Manually connect laptop via HDMI (without boardroom webcam) 

  1. SELECT “HDMI 2” on the TV Screen  
  1. Plug in HDMI cord to your laptop 

Option 3: Connecting via AirPlay  (Macbook only) 

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Biosteel WiFi. Wake your Apple TV by pressing Menu on the Apple TV remote. SELECT “HDMI 3” on the TV Screen for Apple TV/Screen Mirroring Connection if required.