Access Control & Security Cameras

Decrease your chances of security threats

We offer installation of audio, visual and access control systems, including digital recording, time and attendance tracking and movement-activated monitoring, to better manage employees, visitors and anyone interacting with your business. We create secure systems that prioritize safety and prepare you for potential cyber-threats and risks. This includes video surveillance, access control, emergency communications, intrusion detection and security networks.


Save costs, increase functionality

Our VOIP solutions are more than just a  digital telephone solution: Phone, video and message via SMS. Your employees’ desk phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones turn into mobile offices, giving them 24/7 access anywhere they have an internet connection. Eliminate multiple telecoms bills by consolidating to one great solution.

Structured Cabling

Improve performance and drive business growth

We design and install cabling systems that support multiple hardware uses. From intermediate distribution frame (IDF) and main distribution frame (MDF) to entrance facilities, horizontal, backbone and work areas, we focus on delivering a well-planned structured cabled infrastructure for your network to run smoothly.

  • Entrance facilities which contain cables, network demarcation point(s), connecting hardware, protection devices and other equipment
  • The horizontal cabling system extends from the work area outlets to the MDF or the IDFs. It includes horizontal cable, mechanical terminations, patch cords, located in the MDF or IDFs
  • Backbone cabling provides interconnection between the MDF & IDFs, communications rooms, equipment rooms, service provider spaces and entrance facilities
  • MDF is an environmentally controlled centralized space for communications equipment that can house the main, intermediate and horizontal cross-connects
  • IDF houses the terminations of horizontal and backbone cables to connecting hardware including patch cables. It also provides a controlled environment to house communications equipment and connecting hardware
  • Work area components extend from the work outlets connector end of the horizontal cabling system to the work outlet equipment such as computer/telephone

Maintenance, Repair, Surveys & Certification

Prevent problems and eliminate costly downtime

Our team of highly-skilled technicians will perform a thorough audit of your existing infrastructure to resolve errors, conduct updates and ensure optimal connectivity.

Full Service

We offer complete maintenance, repair, surveys & certification services

Experienced Team

Our techs are well educated and experienced

Easy Approach to Issues

We will do an on-site assessment. Then provide the best solution you require.

Testing & Audits

Audit of the existing system is step one to clean up, we take these steps seriously and ensure less downtime due to rebuild errors.

WiFi & Point to Point

Speed, strength and reliability are most important

Our WiFi services include new installation, signal testing and WiFi layout to ensure that your networks have the best coverage and connection.

IT Rack & Desk Clean Up

Clean and problem-free work areas

Our team provides full-service IT rack and desk clean-up services to ensure that your workspace is optimally structured and organized.

Fibre Optics

Work at the speed of light

From fiber installation and termination to labeling and testing, we offer a full spectrum of optical cabling and infrastructure for your organization.